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I was at an op shop a while back in Brisbane and scored ‘The Genesis Record’ by Henry Morris, 1976 for five $aud. This is the quintessential defence in support of creation science.  Speaking of science, our scientists have prostituted themselves. It’s plain in the book ‘Tavistock Institute, Social Engineering The Masses’ by Daniel Estulin, 2015, that science has played a major role in degrading the morals of western society. LSD, mind control, you name it. The Tavistock Institute under the guise of science has successfully brought about a paradigm shift of our moral norms and we are now as a people at large ready to comply to any commands our slave masters make.

I am aiming to write an article on this book of at least ten pages.  The problem is I’m really busy at the moment and this is such a large and all encompassing topic.  I would have to read the book again and make notes along the way.  I have already read the book once by now but to get it right I’d have do it again.  I’m going to write about this book ‘Tavistock Institute, Social Engineering The Masses’ with the objective to encourage others to acquaint themselves with the ‘pre-brainwashed’ mindset of their ancestors.  This article will have to do until I write something more substantial.

The book ‘The Tavistock Institute, Social Engineering The Masses’ by Daniel Estulin, 2015, is a shocker as it outlines the propaganda and brainwashing that has been going on since the close of WWII.  In fact the Tavistock Institute has been in the propaganda business since the beginning of WWI.  That’s over a century of brainwashing our society

This book is not a conspiracy theory but rather a conspiracy fact, as the book is well researched and has hundreds of references to various books, papers and scientific research articles.

Just counted the references – 409 references.

I had a look at some of the reviews on Amazon. Interesting.

I’m inclined to think that preparing the ‘public mind’ is the foundational work of any conspiracy to control us. Which means that what the Tavistock Institute and the Frankfurt School have been doing since the 1940’s is the crux to the problem we now face.

And that problem is that our nations have been prepared to accept slavery.  This is slavery without the chains. Which means the people will refuse to see that their minds have been f____d over. Just as the book ‘Tavistock Institute, Social Engineering The Masses’ says.

The Tavistock Institute is a sinister group of evil men if there ever was one. I mean, if it were possible. One of the most evil groups of men on the planet who have their origins in WWII British Intelligence. Shortly after the war they combined with the Frankfurt School, a German Nazi think tank and then there was no stopping the evil bastards. Their goal is to enslave us all by controlling our minds. As they say “having concentration camps without the wire”.

These swine are Nazi Fascists to the core. Get the book www.amazon.com/Tavisto…163424043X and inform yourselves. That’s all I can say.

Tavistock has been operating since the beginning of WWI right through to our day, but was seriously and scientifically tasked by the Tavistock Institute after WWII.
Which brings me to you and your book reading.  It is my belief that we must acquaint ourselves with people like James A Wylie and Henry Grattan Guinness because these men represent the popular opinions of Protestants and their concerns about their nation, their freedom and the constant threats from the Papacy.
The fact that when Henry Grattan Guinness delivered his lectures to Exeter Hall where all classes of folk were represented and there was standing room only spilling out onto the street. has convinced me that the content of the lectures indeed represented a popular viewpoint.  Exeter Hall seated four thousand in the main hall and one thousand in the smaller hall and with the standing crowds the audience might have reached eight thousand or more.  Here is the playlist of these lectures published as a book titled “Rome and the Reformation” by Henry Grattan Guinness:
And while you are at it, have a look at my blog – Fourth Reich Awareness Service here: britishfortress.wordpress.com/ where I have a collection of YouTubes on various topics related to informing you about the threat to our freedom.  The Tavistock Institute have a local agency in most every nation worth destroying.  Their influence is vast although there is very little knowledge about them. They keep a low profile.

Mark my words, this is real and it’s happening right in your very home, at your work place and in every situation you encounter.

At the start of reading this book, I almost got sick in the guts from what I read. And believe you me I’ve been exposed to plenty of horrors in my sixty-two years to toughen up the tenderest heart.

There is an antidote. to this pervasive brainwashing that we are all exposed to prescribed interestingly by the very brainwashers themselves which I assume most will reject out of hand. How clever of them. I’ll share it now. And that antidote is actually prescribed by one of the leading brainwashers, detailed in the book.

That antidote is bible reading.  I assume that the cove had experimented on many types of people and had discovered that bible reading Christians were immune to the brainwashing experiments.

Don’t believe me? Read it for yourself, you will find it. I won’t give you the page number, because you need to unlearn the other stuff these people have been stuffing our minds with the past 100 years since the beginning of WWI. I’ve made a decision that to un-brainwash myself of the effects of the Tavistock Institute. I’m going to find out what the pre-WWI British people believed. Why the British you may well ask, because the British people gave you the King James Bible, spread that bible around the world and were relentlessly persecuted by the Papacy through countless assassination plots and as well as attempted invasions and wars. That’s why the Tavistock Institute was first established in Great Britain. To unbrainwash your mind read the Holy Bible and pre-WWI Christian literature.  I have decided that the best resource apart from the Holy Bible is as series of lectures delivered in the late 1800’s by Henry Gratton Guinness and these lectures were published as a book titled ‘Romanism and the Reformation’. Here’s a link to Tom Friess who has kindly read the whole book for us or you can purchase it on Amazon:

The British people gave us many of the freedoms we enjoy, or, recently enjoyed, including Common Law. Here’s my take on Common Law: https://britishfortress.wordpress.com/2015/02/02/common-law/ Enjoy the fruits of my tenth-grade education. Thank God I didn’t get to university where the Jesuits and Tavistock jointly control those institutions as well as from kindergarten to senior high school these days. Otherwise I might be as big a fool as some of the professionals with degrees and letters after their names are. No shortage of clowns in the circus of life. As Noah Webster wisely said ‘Education is useless without the Bible’. Which means that for all your education, you have achieved for yourself the grand degree of being turned into a clown for the exclusive and evil work of being used and manipulated by the most evil institution on earth, the Vatican and the second most evil institution on earth, the Tavistock Institute. And to your astonishment, you find you have become just another pathetic circus act, a performing clown. The Vatican’s court jester.

You have been supporting the Emperor all along, the Emperor with no clothes that is.  Yes, I said no clothes because he is naked without the clothes of righteousness before a holy God, therefore he is naked.  And you all go along with the charade at the expense of your very soul.  Whether you be Roman Catholic or not, by your acquiescence you support his evil reign of terror.  You are guilty.  When will you repent?  Before the grapes of wrath begin to fall?  Too late if they fall my friend!!  Be quick to your knees for repentance is the remedy!!

(c) 2017 Shane Sigley

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The Abodes Of The Guilty


Below is a utube that was in a regular email I receive from a Catholic Jew hater.  Believe this bullshit if you like.  There is plenty of it, no shortage of material blaming the Jews for everything from the cause of WWII to the world financial situation we face today.  Never a word about what their Popes have been up to.



I have discovered something lately.  Well, actually these past couples of years.

I have discovered I can’t talk about a certain power and remain socially acceptable.

I have discovered if I dare talk or write about this certain power and disseminate the information I have learned I will be unacceptable.

This power is controlling people’s minds.  What they should think.  How they should behave.  And the proof is everywhere who this power is.  It’s the Roman Catholic Church.

Check if I not right.  Write something about the Pope and see how far you get.  See if you are invited into the homes, if you are returned phone calls.

You will discover as I have, that instead of the Jews as many will insist are the ones that you cannot criticise, it is actually the Roman Catholic Church and the Pope that are sacrosanct, beyond the reach of criticism.  And you will discover that you will be made a social pariah and remain friendless as I am in a new town these past four months.

Who Rules Over Me.jpg

Whether Voltaire said the above is irrelevant.  What is relevant is that Rome Rules Most of Us.  There will always be a tiny minority who will never surrender.

Will you too kiss his ring?


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Nazi Parellels

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Third Reich Historical Overview

Ever enjoyed a Fanta at Maccas:


Ever filled up at Mobil or BP:


Here’s the evidence that would hang anyone but the highly connected and protected;


On my website page ‘My Story’ at http://www.britishfortress.com/My_Story.html I tell about how I was bowled over by a ten-ton truck when I was thirteen.  That truck was a Mobil truck that serviced the farms around the district where I lived at Beenleigh.

That truck was not in serviceable condition, according to a report from the machinery department of the Queensland Government and as a result this Nazi truck careeded into me.  As I was a minor my parents sued Mobil.  I got a paltry sum.  After some years later I was no longer able to work, and after five decades, after living in poverty for many years I have considerable pain from spinal disease and also from my right hip.

So I’d like to see these penny-pinching Bush’s hang for their treason.  It’s personal!!!

Stop Press!

George Pell about to be charged if the police have the guts:


Read about Pell’s Vatican Bank and what it’s been up to since the closing days of WWII:



More Third Reich YouTubes:







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Tavistock Institute and Common Purpose





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Nazi Fourth Reich Planning



Concordat Watch:





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Pope’s NWO is Hitler’s 3rd Reich



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