1945-2015 Seventy Years Of UN Enslavement

On the 24th October, 1945, the Charter of the United Nations was ratified by fifty-one nations, thus The United Nations Organisation (UNO), commonly known as the United Nations (UN), came into being.

To the common people, the objective of the United Nations was clear. The prevention of war. And just as the League of Nations was established as a result of the First World War, so to was the United Nations established as a result of the Second World War.

And a fine and noble aspiration it is, for nations to come together and parley for peace, instead of waging wars that kill and maime millions.

The dark side is that the Charter of the United Nations embodied more than just the prevention of war. It outlined the governance and control of all human activities. And this by default, made the United Nations, the government of the world, superior to the member states that created it. And this is where lies the trouble.

The common people never ceded their rights, vested in their national governments to the United Nations. This was done by the ‘back-room boys’ in the dingy halls of covert and coveted power. So easy for us nowadays to see this, having access to all manner of information that was unavailable to our fore-fathers in their analogue world.

But there were voices against the all-inclusive nature of the United Nations. Unfortunately, these voices were howled down as crack-pots, and unbalanced persons, to be ignored. The media made sure of that.

Now it’s been seventy years of this all-inclusive governance, placing a strangle-hold on all human activity. Now we are beginning to see the fruit of this world government and how it’s intentions have unfolded as it seeks to fulfill it’s charter laid out and ratified in 1945.

There was no referendum held to decide if our nation should be forever subservient to the United Nations. If this question was put to the people, it would have been overwhelmingly rejected

Don’t misunderstand the issue. Prevention of war is not the issue. It’s the all-inclusive governance and control of every aspect of human activities, that’s the issue here.

There’s an interesting parallel between the European Union and the United Nations. Both introduced by stealth, meaning that the common people had no say in the all-inclusive nature, and primacy of governance. Both superior to the member nations that created them. And both engaging in all-inclusive governance and control of every aspect of human activities. It seems Silence of the Lambs couldn’t do it better. Psychopathic, this organisation, surely is.

Where is this freedom, in the United Nations?

Have we now got more freedom or less since before the start of World War Two?

What would our Diggers say if they really understood the nature of this organisation?

Historian and author Bill Hughes explains: “The Jesuits failed in their attempts to have a world governing body following World War One. They accomplished their sinister goal after World War Two. Following the war, the weary, aching world was conditioned to accept an international government, and the United Nations was born. Since the creation of the United Nations in 1945, this so called ‘peace keeping’ body has failed miserably in keeping peace around the world. Why? Because keeping peace is not their purpose, even though they continue to claim that it is. There are presently some 83 different wars around the world. However, it has certainly been instrumental in suppressing liberty loving people. Katanga and Rhodesia are just two examples of nations crushed by U. N. Forces. The United Nations has worked tirelessly to restore the temporal power of the papacy — its purpose from the beginning.” (One Earth volume 1 (February/March, 1980))

I hope our Diggers can see what’s occurred over the last seventy years as the net of enslavement has been drawing closed all about us.

I visited the Commonwealth War Graves at the Kokoda track when I was thirteen, in 1968. I’ve seen the inscriptions placed on the graves of young men, not out of their teens, who died for freedom.

These young men fought for Australia, a free nation state, not the United Nations, which has enslaved us these past seventy years, which, by the way, Hitler, aspired to, when he declared it was his intention to start a New World Order.

I honestly don’t know what there is to celebrate, regarding the seventieth anniversary of the founding of the United Nations Organisation. The UN through the Queensland state education system (to be fair, Queensland hasn’t been a willing puppet of the UN until recently) has tried and failed to make me a good UN citizen. They have spent buckets of money on indoctrination programs, hoping that their numbing mind control would suppress any aberrant thoughts about free nation states. Sorry, it hasn’t worked. I guess I should be targeted for special therapy, to re-align my brain wave patterns to more harmoniously synchronise with the permeating frequency of the monolith, as I chant the ‘sacred om’ (new age humbug) that others are so deliriously inoculated with.

In conclusion, I’m writing this for the fallen of WWII. I’m writing this, to fulfull my pledge and my prayer, which I say each ANZAC day: “LEST I FORGET!!!!!”

(ANZAC Day is a national solem commenoration held by the Australian and New Zealander peoples on the 25th April each year, beginning with dawn services and ending with public prayer: “Lest We Forget!”.)

Post Script: The date, 24th October, 2015 has come and gone, and I am writing this post script, two days after the above date. I can tell you that not a whimper was heard from the media regarding this shameful betrayal of the Australian people by our politicians seventy years ago. No surprise, it’s part of the game, where we are conditioned to forget what we have lost. Well, if I can’t find any dissenting reports on the anniversary of the coming into force of the United Nations Charter, so here at least is a news release from the devil it self.

Just found this and this, which means I’m not alone in my view point. Ignore the nanny warning from the NWO minders, attempting to throttle free speech and dissenting views.


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I grew up in another world, where elders were respected and loved, and God was not a common cuss word. And women were ladies, to be treated as such. We took of our hats, we gave up our seats and we always opened doors for our mothers, wives and girlfiends. In a nutshell, a Christian instead of post-Christian paradymn.
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