Objections To My Website

Just lately I’ve had some objections to my website. There were three criticisms leveled at me, ie, I’m a racist, I’m xenophobic and I’m a bigot. I shall take this opportunity to answer these criticism and lay them to rest forever in the laps of people who need to observe and read more carefully what I have written.

I thank the moderator for allowing me to defend myself.

First objection – I’m a racist. This is the easiest to defend. Just look at the features of my immediate family members in My Story. You are a company of prize wankers and btw, none of these wankers apologised. What you didn’t know until I informed your ignorance is my extended family must be one of the most ethnically diverse families in Australia. The ethnic origins of my extended family include English, Prussian, Irish, Australian Aborigine, Torres Strait Islander, Papua New Guinean, Samoan, Maori, Chinese, Indian and Filipino. What’s more, all of my relatives are welcome to my home, no exception.

And further more, my paternal grandparents (told to me by my grandmother) during WWII invited Black Americans into their home to share a meal. They and other Australian families noted the awful treatment these young men received at the hands of their compatreates. Finally it all erupted into the Brisbane Riots where some Aussies diggers had had enough of the bullshit dished out to them and to a lesser extent, the Black Americans.

Second objection – I’m a xenophobe. I am not a xenophobe, but why should I welcome every new thing that comes along. Too much has been lost already by foolish people embracing all manner of new social norms. And I have evidence that this is exactly what the Nazis planned, swamping us with never ending change, so that now my anglo-celtic society is hardly recognisable to what it was in the past. These people who advocate continual change are fifth columnists. No, I call it discernment. Xenophobia is what the enemy labels someone who has the discerment to stand their ground and not cave into their demands to totally destroy our culture.

Third objection – I’m a religious bigot. Since when has the criticism of a political state amounted to bigotry. Last I heard the Vatican is a political state. If they obeyed the teachings of Jesus they would disband that political state and not meddle in the political affairs of nations. In other words, they would practise separation of church and state. Of course they will never do that, and in fact are advocating all sorts of measures upon the peoples of various nations, that their political nation’s leaders are coerced to comply to. The latest is the destruction of Islamic State. In the process, they have back-tracked almost a thousand years to the crusades.

The Catholic clerics have been busy over the millennia creating religions for various reasons, but with the main object in mind, which is to create a world of their making.  Islam and Mormanism being notable projects of the Vatican and all three, ie. Mormanism, Islam and Roman Catholicism, my Aussie culture cries out, are all a crock of shit,

and many others besides.

But that’s too simplistic.

They are evil for sure and full of deception certainly. Volumes have been written exposing their fraud. Go read them for yourself! I have. (The Changing World Of Mormanism , Factual Persuasion , The Two Babylons , Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome , Secret History Of The Jesuits , Roman Catholicism ) And I paid big bucks for these books. You get them for free in the age of the internet, except for one, which is cheap anyway. How blessed you are. But how many will take up this offer. Hardly one in a thousand. Your choice.

Now, are my opinions bigotry, or am I just expressing an informed opinion?

Opinions aren’t bigotry. By the following definition, it’s how you treat people that may or may not amount to bigotry. The above book, Roman Catholicism has quite a bit to say about the ‘bigotry’ card being used to the maximum by people, in order to slander others who have opinions they don’t like. As a matter of fact, I have noticed it is extremely common for people to practise bigotry by ostracising the accused ‘bigots’ whose opinions they don’t like. The tag ‘bigotry’ is a favourite tool of those religionists whose theological and historical foundations are shaky. They have nothing to stand upon so they resort to slandering those that dare express opinions they don’t like. This tag ‘bigotry’ has been used for decades to howl down those whose opinions are not popular. It seems the largest Christian church is very threatened by those few Christian writers that voice an opinion different to their own. This is proof of the weaknesses in their theological and historical foundations. Islam included.

Here’s the definition:

A definition of bigotry is “intolerance towards those who hold different opinions from oneself”.

I am extremely tolerant towards all people of all religions. I’m happy to associate with all of these people and be friends with them. But I still have my opinions and they won’t change. The question begs, will they be tolerant enough to be friends with me, inspite of my opinions. That’s their test of bigotry! I passed my test of bigotry and was found free of bigotry because I’m happy to associate with anyone of any faith and be friends with them. Will you pass or fail your test of bigotry? Will you snub me in the street or refuse to contact me because of what I have written here in this blog or on my website? If so, you are the bigot, mate!

Another comment is I’m eccentric. I have to laugh at this one also. But maybe they are right in a sense. If you are totally honest, and read many history books that hardly no-one ever reads, I guess you may have a world view that is different to the majority. I guess you may be in a very small minority. But that doesn’t mean you are wrong about your world view. In fact history proves that the majority are often wrong. Take Prime Minister Churchill during the ‘Wilderness Years‘ as an example.

Last comment: I said in this forum: “You all can go”. I didn’t finish the sentence purposely. You are not allowed to proselytise in forums, so I’ll finish the sentence here: “to the cross on your knees and ask God to save you.” What else would I say? But to the darkened mind, the power of suggestion is bent towards hell which I pray God will save them from in Jesus’ name.


About britishfortress

I grew up in another world, where elders were respected and loved, and God was not a common cuss word. And women were ladies, to be treated as such. We took of our hats, we gave up our seats and we always opened doors for our mothers, wives and girlfiends. In a nutshell, a Christian instead of post-Christian paradymn.
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