My Oath, I Will.

Below is the oath I swore to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II upon joining the Citizen Military Forces, Royal Australian Army in 1972:

“I, (insert full name of person), swear that I will well and truly serve Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth the Second, Her Heirs and Successors according to law, as a soldier in the (insert Australian Regular Army, Regular Army Supplement, Regular Army Emergency Reserve, Active Australian Army Reserve or Inactive Australian Army Reserve as the case requires), or in any other force in the Army in which I volunteer, and am accepted, for service, (insert for the period of insert number of years years and any extensions of that period or until attaining retiring age as the case requires), that I will resist Her enemies and faithfully discharge my duty according to law.


I still serve Her Majesty, but now it’s a different tune I march to. I hope I have ‘well and truly served Her Majesty’ by informing her people of the dread facing us all. I hope I have done so without fear and in a diligent manner as befits a soldier of the realm of Her Majesty. God Save The Queen!


About britishfortress

I grew up in another world, where elders were respected and loved, and God was not a common cuss word. And women were ladies, to be treated as such. We took of our hats, we gave up our seats and we always opened doors for our mothers, wives and girlfiends. In a nutshell, a Christian instead of post-Christian paradymn.
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