Values In An Effeminate Age

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The following are my observations growing up as a child in Australia in the 1960’s:

I’m a baby boomer, meaning I was born after WWII and before 1965.  This is a notable generation for a number of reasons.  Being born in a period of economic boom (post-WWII economic boom) that lasted until the early 1970’s, we had it made.  School leavers just walked into jobs, often having a choice of a half dozen opportunities and career paths with just a basic junior high school education.

The baby boomers witnessed great changes to their world and society.  More on that later.  (Tavistock Institute – social engineering.)

For one thing, their fathers having returned home from WWII triumphant and glad to have won peace in the world once again after their fathers had returned home triumphantly some twenty years previously after WWI having won peace in the world the first time round.

These fathers and ‘to be fathers’ were war worn after fighting the bloodiest war in history.  These men were not religiously disposed and quite a few were bitter about their war experiences.  It was the same story with their fathers after they returned home after WWI but now it was even more deeply entrenched.  This produced a cynical view on life and religion that developed into a deep and bitter resentment that six of their best years were stolen from them.  Many as a result hated God and would never darken a church door unless carried through that door in a pine box.

As these war veterans were coping ‘only just’ with their war wounds, the next generation were being born and growing up.

Many amongst my peers at school had no religious training and some were trained to despise others who were ‘churched’.  My guess now is it must have been close to 50/50 those ‘churched’ and those not.  But one thing common to both groups was the fathers were not engaged in the lives of their sons and daughters including their moral training.  This instead was abrogated to the clergy or the televison set.

It’s fair to say veteran fathers didn’t pass on to their sons any thing of moral value.  Sounds harsh but these were my observations growing up as a child.  They never talked about their experiences, especially their war experiences.  They saved that for their mates at the pub after work or wherever they found their peers in various social clubs, ie the RSL.

This was the price of war.  The price of war was the next generation received zero values from their fathers.  Instead these fathers spent their time working thanks to the post-WWII economic boom.    And what a curse that boom has been to us baby boomers.

I witnessed these fathers coping with their alcoholic addiction as they buried their resentment, anger and disappointment in one alcoholic binge after another.

Grog and work would sufficiently describe the life of a returned digger.

The clergy were delegated as proxy fathers to teach moral values or at worst this role was taken up by a dog named Lassie or Rin Tin Tin.  I kid you not, Lassie or Rin Tin Tin taught these youth more about living a good life that most of these fathers ever did.


In the sixties I used to watch Four Corners on a Saturday night.  One such Four Corners program I remember as clear as crystal.  It was about Interpol, the international police service.  Four Corners exposed Interpol as a Nazi front organisation.  Inside Interpol were Nazis staff who ran Interpol.  These Nazis were from organisations in Nazi Germany during the war such as the Gestapo.

Well I almost fell off my chair.  Here I was, believing we, the Allies, had won the war and here in the supposed free world were these Nazis running Interpol.  What was going on?

That was the beginning of my awakening at the tender age of about ten years.

Later in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, as an adult I saw current affairs programmes on TV about social engineering.  At a university in Brisbane a faculty there was engaging in social engineering.  Various other reports also focused upon social engineering.  Then all of sudden there were no more stories on social engineering.  I can only assume that the media had been infiltrated and neutralised.  Now, you never hear about social engineering, nothing.

As a young adult I started reading history books.  Haven’t stopped and that’s why I begun writing this blog, etc.  I knew from my own experience that something was not quite right.  As well, I was fortunate to know my great grandfather, my father’s mother’s father.  His name was William Tompkins and he was a high up mason.  He told me that the world is run by a few wealthy families.  I don’t think he had a complete picture but he was right about something.  Nothing is as it seems.

Stocktake:  What I’m trying to do here is show how we as a Christian nation at the time of federation in 1901 became what we are today.  A post-Christian nation that just passed legislation in the Federal Parliament that redefines marriage to include homosexual relationships.

The effect of two world wars had a tremendous effect for the worse on our national morale.

What’s worse is the treachery of institutions such as the Tavistock Institute, the Free Masons and the Fabians to name a few traitor organisations who all worked in unison under the direction of the Jesuits to destroy our nation.

I wanted this article to be the definitive resource that would convince even the worst skeptic that what I have put forward is in fact true.

Alas, time constraints are against me.  If you want to know more, research my Facebook account – ‘Shane Sigley’ and  my website –, and when on my website homepage click on my two blog links located on the left of the page.

This should give you enough information to convince yourself that our nation has been recklessly social engineered by evil traitors or depending on your sexual orientation – enough information to hang me.  No doubt I’ll be branded a Nazi.  That’s an old tactic that goes back to the inquisition when Christians were branded witches at the stake as they were burned to death.  Antifa is the latest Jesuit front that does that dirty work.


Shane Sigley.                                    



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I grew up in another world, where elders were respected and loved, and God was not a common cuss word. And women were ladies, to be treated as such. We took of our hats, we gave up our seats and we always opened doors for our mothers, wives and girlfiends. In a nutshell, a Christian instead of post-Christian paradymn.
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