A New Paradigm

Do you believe in free speech?

I’m a NO voter.  I’m also a dissenter, ie someone who strongly objects to laws against one’s conscience, and I believe in civil disobedience when necessary.

Have you ever noticed throughout history that the majority are often wrong?

We live in extraordinary times when most are, in my opinion, brainwashed by successive social engineering projects that began with the re-introduction of the Jesuits into Great Britain in the early nineteenth century and extending to the suffragettes movement in the late nineteenth century and reaching beyond to two world wars (both social engineering events) through to the sexual revolution and the gradual secularisation of our historically protestant British ethnic population that has now been transformed into a multi-cultural permissive society beyond recognition by our forefathers if they were alive today.

The point I want to make is my strong objection to sodomy in all it’s forms and Same Sex Marriage (SSM) in particular.

I believe that the Yes/No vote was rigged by the ABS and other agencies.  It’s been an unrelenting and clever campaign staged by the LGBT community that had it’s origins in the soap opera Number 96 that ran in the 1970’s through to the de-criminalisation of homosexual acts in the late 1990’s in Queensland.  The recent campaign that saw ultimate victory as the Federal parliament passed legislation in December 2017 making SSM a legal reality in Australia and an ethical fiction at the same time.

What concerns me most is the children.  Children are not safe in this country.  We have had a long and sad history of national and state child abuse.  Children abused in orphanages, at religious institutions and at state foster homes to name a few child abusing institutions that our state and federal governments have been actively involved in.

And now yet another is added to their infamous list and that is SSM legislation that was just passed by our illustrious pollies.  Shame on them and shame on the LGBT community for extending the sufferings of our children yet again.

Is it enough that thousands of children at this very moment live a precarious existence as they take refuge with grandparents from Ice addicted mothers threatening to take them again hostage and as grandparents desperately struggle to seek in the courts the protection these children so richly deserve.

Now to top it off another set of children are about to be abused in a completely novel and new manner as they are denied the basic gift from God to have a mother and a father to care for them.  Please don’t mistake my objections to SSM with a blind hatred of homosexuals in general.  It’s more like an informed and growing nausea.

My ultimate goal for homosexuals is to return to the ‘good old days’ of the pre-1990’s.  This grand experiment has been a failure.  Safe Schools is all the evidence I need to send them back to the 1960’s.  A citizen has spoken.

My concern is for the children who will be affected directly or indirectly by these new laws and the subsequent flow on of the LGBT community agenda that we will be increasingly hearing about in the near future.

And not just the children nested within the same sex unions but also all the children who will be exposed to the insidious propaganda that will be permeated within the classrooms of the nation.

All children are at risk and ‘safe schools’ has demonstrated that parents will have no say or knowledge about what goes on in the classroom.  The LGBT community promised during the campaign that there would not be any further claims to extend their influence but I very much doubt that indeed.

The LGBT’s will not stop and will continue with more and more claims until only a vestige of heterosexual normality exists and we can thank the state for the future grooming of our children for the pedophiles that are a part of the LGBT community.

Which brings me to a question:  Why is the state so interested in grooming our children for pedophiles?

The answer is this:  When all our children are sufficiently compromised into homosexual practices that there is no possible return to the pristine innocent childhood that I and others of my generation experienced, then Satan will have complete triumph over the human race that Christ died for.  Then and only then can the devil truly claim sovereignty over the earth and make Christ’s sacrifice of none effect.

Christ will not allow this to happen, ie that the last generation will be completely lost to sodomy.  Christ will cut the days short and shall appear in glory to claim his bride – the pure immaculate church.

These are the last days and SSM has ensured that we are all on the final countdown to this world’s history.  Sodomy and SSM was the sin that ended the antediluvian word and the secret societies have passed on this knowledge to their members so that governments, government agencies and secret societies all work in unison to achieve this goal.

“As in the days of Noah, so shall it be when the Son of Man comes.”

The governments in conjunction with all those agencies and the LGBT community will attempt to foist upon our children and us, sodomitism in all it’s unsavory reality.  But the good news is this: Jesus will return in glory and destroy sodomites with fire from the brightness of His coming before a complete corruption of all flesh can take place.  The remnant will be preserved.  His bride will not be sodomised, Christ will come quickly.

Postscript for Seventh-day Adventists:

Seventh-day Adventists have been told by Ellen White that a period of lesser intensity of persecution, better know as the early time of trouble, will be experienced just before Daniel’s time of great trouble.  May be so.   But does this time of persecution preclude us all to sit on our hands as she suggests and to do nothing to provoke the authorities during the early time of trouble?

My concern is not if there is an early time of trouble but that we are to do nothing during this period according to Ellen White.

What if the early Christians took that stance?  After all, to offer a little incense to Caesar isn’t much in the scheme of things, is it?  And Daniel’s friends could have pretended to tie their sandal straps at the time all were required to bow before the golden image, don’t you think?

So, this gay issue is just a firthy to upset the comfortable position the ‘saints’ have worked so hard for all these years.  The gain of decades would be lost and in the eyes of the government and the churches, our reputation would be shot for going against the grain.

But what if Ellen White is a plant to sow a thought seed in the minds of the people to look for to a “Great Time of Trouble,” discounting any lesser ‘Early Time of Trouble” as inconsequential.

What if this seed thought was supplied by Satan himself to neutralise the people of God at the very time we should mobilise?  What if this inactivity is actually shackling our minds to the world’s norms and when something greater comes along (‘great time of trouble’ for instance) we are not willing to stand for Jesus because we didn’t stand for the ‘smaller’ issue?  What if?

From a previous study into the reliability of Ellen White’s writings, ( https://tothecrossfellowship.wordpress.com/2017/09/29/agnostic-regarding-ellen-white/  ), I concluded Adam was with Eve when Eve was tempted in the garden of Eden.  Can I trust her on this more important issue about the last great persecution?

Is she really a ‘plant’ by Satan to convince us to sit on our hands when a load cry is needed?  Makes me wonder?

Wonder indeed when it is reported in the Revelation that all wondered after the beast.

Should I go against the grain or go with the flow?

Time will tell!!

What if we allow our children to be indoctrinated into homosexual culture at school?  What if we sit on our hands and do nothing as Ellen White suggests?  Do you think Jesus will be pleased that we saved ourselves for the ‘bigger issues’ like Sunday Sacredness, and sacrifice our children on the altar of political correctness?

Do you think He will say “Well done!” when the lambs loaned to us are normalised to ‘the new paradigm of sodomite marriage’ and conditioned to the new sentiment of ‘Love is Love’?

Do you think this idol, (the new paradigm of sodomite marriage), transformed into a god in man’s image that our children having been conditioned and groomed to accept, that our lambs having been indoctrinated into these new norms, will be able to stand with Daniel and his three friends before the ‘golden idol’ of the ‘new man’s’ lusts?


I hope you get it by now.  To do nothing in this new LGBT paradigm is to the ruin of not only our Christian children but the nation’s children as well.  Jesus warns us explicitly not to offend one of these little ones.  He also said it would be better to drown ourselves in the deepest ocean than to be a party to such an offense.

If you find what I’ve written offensive, my opening question is answered in the negative.  My advice to you is to grow up because I DO believe in free speech even if you don’t.

What more can I say about all this.  Do nothing and allow LGBT’s access to the God’s most precious gift to man and women.  Children.  That’s a terrible option.

The question begs: Do What?

Answer:  Whatever the Holy Spirit directs you.  Do research the ‘Safe Schools’ program and SSM.  Also maybe that might be to boycott the marriage registry, maybe to become an activist, protesting LGBT intrusion into our schools, maybe to teach children the truth regarding marriage, teach children about this curse of sodomy.  You pray about it and listen to the Holy Spirit’s still small voice.  Amen.




About britishfortress

I grew up in another world, where elders were respected and loved, and God was not a common cuss word. And women were ladies, to be treated as such. We took of our hats, we gave up our seats and we always opened doors for our mothers, wives and girlfiends. In a nutshell, a Christian instead of post-Christian paradymn.
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