When WWII ended something very strange happened.  The Allies adopted the objectives of the Axis combatants and formed a Fourth Reich in the form of the United Nations.

At the same time, Great Britain was bankrupted, the British Empire collapsed and Great Britain adopted a socialist system of government, including the nationalisaition of the health system, etc.

Soon after, by stealth, Prime Minister Edward Heath conned the people into joining the European Economic Community, later know as the European Union.

The Third Reich covertly transformed into the Fourth and the people were and are witless to this very day!  God help us.


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  1. Vicious Lee says:

    Greetings Siggels, I am ‘ViciousLee’, the author of a post on which you commented on Mission4Today, a few years ago:


    You mentioned a certain ‘MS Firesalamander.’ I have been unsuccessful in finding out anything about this flight-sim virtuoso. Perhaps you could help me? I would like to communicate with her and ask her about her mouse_as_joystick setup.

    I suggest the simplest thing would be to leave a further reply on the mission4today thread mentioned above.


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